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Worm gear and custom pinions

OTT remains leader in finest accurate worm gear for more than 50 years. Its very sophisticated concept allow extremely fine and accurate moving in rotating applications, even in the most critical working conditions. Its world wide knowledge is now extending towards pinions, like windmill drive as example. OTT can design a customized system that provides results over expectations within allowed dimensions.



Ucam rotary tables and index tables

Established in 1986, UCAM is the leading manufacturer Mechatronics subsystem for machining centers such as, CNC Rotary Tables, Precision Index tables, Pallet changes for CNC machine Tools. UCAM is a preferred supplier for its products amongst the machine builders and users wordlwide.



Alxion Torque Motor

Established in 1987, ALXION is composed of engineers and technicians involved in a constant challenge aimed at technological innovations offering new possibilities of applications to the users.
For more than 15 years, ALXION is well known to be an uncontested world-wide specialist of Direct Drive motors with its motors ranges.